Valeo Drum brake shoes Braking Systems for Passenger car

Drum brake shoes

Brake shoes kits used to be fitted in both axles of cars. Due to the evolution in term of braking power needs and new technologies, these products are only dedicated to the rear axle of the cars. Also for reasons of braking power, this range of products is only fitted on small, urban vehicles. The Valeo Brake rear range is composed of over 690 references covering all the range of vehicles: French, German, Asian, etc. All Valeo Rear brake suppliers fulfil the strict standards given by Valeo to produce their products.


Quality and comfort for the end–users are key The VALEO Rear brake range is composed of different segments:

  • Brake shoes: 253 references
  • All-in-one brake kits: 191 references All the components are included in the same box.
  • Contents of the kit: > 4 Shoes > 2 wheel cylinders > Springs kit > Fitting instructions
  • Pre-assembled brake kits: 245 references The parts are already assembled in the box Contents of the kit: > 4 Shoes > 2 wheel cylinders > Springs kit > Fitting instructions > Self-correcting adjuster > Hand brake lever (Bendix system) > Grease
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