Valeo Rear lamps Lighting Systems for Passenger car

Rear lamps

Increased safety with L.E.D.s

The use of Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.s) in tail lights has also been shown to increase road safety. L.E.D. lights have a faster response time than traditional car lights, which is helping to reduce driver response time and overall braking distances.

Long-life, sustainable lighting

The long life of L.E.D.s also make them a convenient alternative to conventional car rear light cluster designs. A longer life means less replacements and lower costs, while also reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact. L.E.D.s do all this while also providing an efficient tail light with less power consumption than normal Tungsten bulbs, and extended design possibilities thanks to their compact size.



Valeo Passenger Car & Light Commercial Vehicles Lighting & Signalling Right Hand Drive catalogue 954098 from Hugo Vallet


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