Valeo Clutch Covers Transmission Systems for Passenger car

Clutch Covers

What is a clutch cover?

The primary role of the clutch cover is to connect and disconnect engine power. The clutch disc is situated between the flywheel and the clutch cover. A coil or diaphragm spring pushes the clutch cover against the clutch disc.

Valeo: the transmission systems specialist

Valeo is an industry leading Original Equipment (O.E.) transmission specialist. Valeo supplies the aftermarket with clutch solutions from individual parts like clutch covers to full clutch kits. Valeo’s range includes a huge selection of passenger car and light commercial vehicle clutches to suit applications from all around the world.

6 reasons to choose Valeo clutch parts:

  • O.E. quality and standards
  • Robust design
  • Easy fitting
  • Constant pedal effort
  • Environmentally-friendly material
  • Experts in clutches since 1923

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