Valeo Clutch Discs Transmission Systems for Passenger car

Clutch Discs

What is a clutch disc?

A clutch disc, or friction lining, is a key part of manual transmission. It sits between the clutch cover and the flywheel and is constructed of a splined hub and a metal plate. The main purpose of the clutch disc is to help the splines from the centre to engage with the splines on the input shaft.

Valeo: 95 years of transmission solutions

Valeo has been creating Original Equipment (O.E.) transmission parts for the automotive industry for almost a century. Valeo also brings this O.E. expertise to the aftermarket, providing individual clutch parts like clutch covers and clutch discs, to complete clutch kits. Valeo’s range includes a huge selection of clutches for passenger car and light commercial vehicle from all around the world.

8 reasons to choose Valeo clutch discs:

  • World leader in clutch friction materials
  • O.E. quality and standards
  • 100% torque transfer
  • Gearbox protection
  • Smooth gear shift
  • Acoustic and driving comfort
  • Robustness and durability
  • Experts in clutches since 1923

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