Garage EquipmentValeo offers you a selection of tools which allow you to perfect your work in the workshop, allowing you to constantly provide top quality service for every customer, every time.

Within the last few years, the air conditioning market has been incredibly dynamic. 90% of the new vehicles sold in Europe are equipped with an air conditioning system. In order to respond to the constantly increasing demand for maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems, Valeo offers you a variety of equipment and training programs to aid you in your activity.

Valeo also offers a range of competitive products including a selection of compatible workshop tools for the braking system, the lighting system and the cooling fluid.

Air Conditioning
A complete solution for recharging your air conditioning loops
Air Quality
Pur and Clim SprayTM equipment provide a clean, fresh and odourless air supply.
Gaskets, cap kit, valve kits etc.: all the components that you need to fit out an air conditioning system.
Lubrification & leak detection
Refrigerant oil, injection kit etc.: all the components necessary for lubrication and leak detection.
Cooling fluids
Fast Fill ™
The superspeed filling station for the cooling circuit.
Lighting systems
Regloscope ™
The go-to tool for full assessment of the headlights and optimal preparation in order to respond to new demands in vehicle inspection.
Braking systems
Brake Fluid Tester
The effective solution for quick assessment of the braking fluid.

For a rapid response on any questions you may have in terms of your day-to-day work in the workshop, Valeo invites you to consult its website, the Valeo technical assistance centre, which is available 24/7.

Your local Valeo sales representative is also available, should you have any further questions on the Garage Tools.