Garage Equipement catalogue - 955660

Valeo unveils new Garage Equipment catalogue

New catalogue divided into sections: Air-conditioning, Braking Systems, Lighting Systems and Engine Cooling; the publication previews the various types of equipment to assist mechanics with complex repairs and servicing of the 90 percent of vehicles equipped with air-conditioning.

Supported by Valeo’s air-conditioning range, the Garage Equipment publication lists the ClimFill air-conditioning refill station lineup: ClimFill® Easy, ClimFill® Pro, ClimFill® Pro HFO & ClimFill® Maxi, plus details on technical data, spare parts, accessories and consumables.



Designed to supply all vehicles types, the Valeo refill stations provide numerous technical and practical advantages.  All Valeo refill stations are fully dedicated to an ultimate ease of use and efficiency. They are also fully automatic.



Other sub-sections within the air-conditioning section of the catalogue cover lubrication and leak detection and air quality products.


Finally, the Garage Equipment catalogue features the Valeo Brake Fluid Test for the rapid diagnosis of brake fluid, Regloscope to ensure accurate headlamp beam control and, FastFill, a new device to quickly refill the engine cooling loop.