Valeo campaign to shatter DMF myths

Valeo campaign to shatter DMF myths

Conversion kit solid flywheel offers one million mile guarantee

Redditch, UK, 17 July 2015: Valeo has launched a new clutch campaign, which aims to shatter the myths associated with fitting clutch conversion kits vs dual mass flywheels (DMFs).



The campaign, which will target automotive aftermarket parts distributors and installers, will highlight the positive affects of fitting a Valeo conversion kit, underlined by the company’s one million miles guarantee on all solid flywheels.

The Valeo conversion kit design includes a solid flywheel - with no wear parts - eliminating the need to replace the whole clutch system in the future, saving both time and cost. The solid flywheel also provides better thermal resistance and full engine and gearbox protection.


While the Valeo flywheel is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, DMF’s are replaced more regularly, dependent on the condition and performance of the flywheel.

The DMF, when changed during a complete clutch replacement means a very expensive and time-consuming repair. Once a conversion kit is fitted, only the drive plate, friction plate and bearing need to be replaced.

Phill Everitt, Valeo Service UK managing director, said: "The one million mile guarantee demonstrates our confidence in a Valeo made product, designed and produced to the highest quality and offering reliability, ease of fit and comfort for the driver."

One in three vehicles on UK roads are fitted with a Valeo clutch. Valeo’s original equipment (O.E.) quality clutch product range features more than 1900 references and includes traditional clutch kits, high-efficiency clutch kits, self-adjusting clutch kits, dual mass flywheels, clutch master cylinders and concentric slave cylinders.


The majority of Valeo clutches are supplied in shrink-wrapped packaging that holds the clutch kit under a film and prevents the components from moving. This packaging ensures the protection of parts during carriage.