Valeo Heavy Duty Clutch fitting video

[Video] Dive inside a Heavy Duty Clutch fitting

Valeo cares for Heavy Duty workshops with a step-by-step tutorial video of fitting operations.

Did you know that replacing a clutch on Heavy Duty vehicles can last from 4 to 8 hours minimum?


In 10 minutes, this video fitting guide will help you to save time and to have the essential technical know-how in 6 steps.

Stage 1: Tooling and kit contents check list
Stage 2: Dismounting defective clutch
Stage 3: Fitting pressure plate cover assembly and driven plate
Stage 4: Bearing Replacement
Stage 5: Fitting of the gearbox housing
Stage 6: Reinitialization & driving test


Discover the Heavy Duty pull type clutch as you have never seen before!