ClimFill® Easy is the smallest machine of the ClimFill® range. This model is declined in two models: one per refrigerant (R134A and  HFO1234yf)

This full automatic refill machine will allow you to check the air conditioning system in an easy way.

Clim Fill Easy - 625201 - and ClimFill Easy HFO - 710297 - The best choice to begin the A/C refill business.



                         ClimFill® Easy                                                                                     ClimFill® Easy HFO
                     Ref 625201                                                                                         Ref 710297



ClimFill® PRO and PRO HFO: the advenced Valeo refill machine

ClimFill® Pro has been designed to meet new environmental equipments. Automatic, integrating an eco patented coupler, declined in both version : one per refrigerant (R134A and  HFO1234yf).

It is the most advanced Valeo refill station yet. ClimFill® Pro  - 625202 – and ClimFill® Pro HFO – 625295 – The choice of the professionals.



                           ClimFill® Pro                                                                                 ClimFill® Pro HFO
                      Ref 625202                                                                                        Ref 625295 



ClimFill® Maxi: refill machines for truck & bus applications

ClimFill® Maxi is the biggest refill machine in the new ClimFill® range, with an eco patented coupler and a colour touchscreen for a modern experience of air conditioning maintenance.

ClimFill® Maxi – 710203 – For heavy duty, coach & bus applications & high maintenance volumes.


                            ClimFill® Maxi
                        Ref 710203 


Special service support via Tech’Care:  

  • Pump Monitoring System (PMS) for a higher performance and durability

  • Vehicles database updated every year

  • Electric compressor compatibility for hybrid and electric vehicles

  • Customer traceability: records of all maintenance operations per vehicles

  • Valeo Thermal O.E. expertise for aftermarket.

Why Choose Valeo ClimFill® Stations?

  • Valeo offers you a variety of stations adapted to all needs: fully automatic machines, Supercharge Function, S-Mode and Q-Mode to ensure the A/C loop charging in all conditions

  • Benefit from ClimFill® Lock: eco-patented couplers to improve the recovery time cycle

  • Valeo stations operate on all refrigerant types: R134A, HFO 1234yf

  • Advanced technology with new digital display with USB connection

A long-term investment: spare parts availability for ClimFill® machines availability guaranteed for 10 years from production date.