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Wiper motors

Wiper motors

Valeo, as a leading original equipment manufacturer in wiping systems, is continuously innovative in terms of its wiper motor systems in both OEM and the aftermarket. These systems offer solutions for all weather and driving conditions and make sure you see and are seen. Before offering the products to the market, Valeo puts them under a set of strict tests, from production to packaging validation. Valeo wiper motor systems ensure your road safety in all weather and driving conditions by improving agricultural machinery and driver’s visibility while saving energy.

With Valeo wiper motor systems, you can be sure of:

  •  OE Quality: Valeo original products in aftermarket
  •  OE Durability: same life cycle as the original product
  •  OE Fitting accuracy: installation is identical to the original parts


Valeo Wiping Systems Leadership

Valeo is an expert in all wiper motor systems, especially for commercial vehicles. Valeo is a Wiper Motor Systems multi-specialist.
The wiper motor aftermarket range is growing by offering front and rear part numbers for agricultural applications and other industrial uses. With this complete range, Valeo covers top agricultural applications like John Deere, CNH and Agco Tractors etc.

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