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truck wiper blades and motor

Wiper Blades and Wiper Motors for Bus and Coach

Valeo Wiping Systems for Bus and Coach

Valeo, one of the leading manufacturers of wiper systems original equipment, brings a complete range of wiper blades and wiper motors to the aftermarket for bus and coach applications.

Valeo offers a comprehensive range of bus and coach wiping systems through its Valeo and SWF brands. These wipers are designed to be attractive, efficient, and easily adapt to all vehicle types according to the market and the country. 

Valeo is a major player in bus and coach wipers in Europe through 2 ranges:

  • The SWF wiper blade range
  • The wiper motor range


Valeo Quality and Innovation

Valeo studies the road conditions that drivers of buses and coaches encounter on a regular basis to develop wiping equipment to cope with all weather hazards and preserve maximum visibility.

Valeo collaborates closely with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies to develop innovations such as improved aerodynamics, reduced noise and designs which blend flawlessly with the vehicle’s styling.


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