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Valeo commits to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050



Valeo engages itself into a Sustainable approach, with the program “CAP 50”, that aims to reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

I Care for the Planet

Valeo Service, the Valeo Aftermarket entity,  is willing to take initiatives to contribute


  • to progressively reduce the adverse impact on the environment of automotive aftermarket activity
  • and  to support its  professional partners to contribute to a more sustainable aftermarket.


This VS approach, called "I Care 4 the Planet" , identifies our initiatives which  continuously contribute to limiting the impact of our activities on the planet.

In order to help automotive aftermarket professionals to make their right sustainable choice, we are creating a unique identification mark  in the industry which allow them to identify respectful products for the environment “I Care 4 the Planet”, which will be deployed progressively in all our communication and digital document from 2023 onwards.



I Care for the planet


our approach

A more sustainable product portfolio

Our first priority goes to our products. Produced in millions of units every year to serve our customers with the best quality, a small effort can create big changes.


Remanufacturing : a great example of our approach for a more sustainable aftermarket!


  • Remanufacturing consists in collecting a worn spare part, with the aim to change only the necessary components.
  • We are commercialising in EUROPE a Reman offer on 4 product categories : Starters & Alternators, Clutches, Compressors and Brake Calipers.
  • A reman product is composed of 80% of reused materials, and according to Life Cycle Analysis, reduces Carbon footprint by 80% .
  • At Valeo, we remanufacture 800,000 parts per year in Independent AfterMarket, with the ambition to double this figure by 2030.
  • It represents more than 8,000 references in our European portfolio (8,186 active refs as of Nov 29, 2022), 4.6% of our sales.
  • We plan to significantly develop our offer through:
    • the launch of +550 references on these 3 products categories by 2023
    • the extension of VS current Reman range to new product families : e-compressor, e-drive, Concentric pneumatic actuator (CV), Torque convertor





  • In order to help automotive aftermarket professionals to make their right sustainable choice, We have just created a unique digital tool, Truck Clutch kit finder, which allows professionals to identify the reman alternative for each Truck clutch kit.


Frost & Sullivan has recently awarded Valeo Service for its Truck Clutch Kit Finder with the 2022 European New Product Innovation Award.


  • In order to encourage the professionals of aftermarket to use reman products, we will launch in 2023 the WeCore4U project, to revamp our cores-surcharge system,  making it
    •  more easy to use (simplified system of coding)
    • and more affordable (less weight in our customers financial results)
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