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Revolutionizing Automotive Climate Control: Valeo's Compact and Efficient Electric Compressor.

Valeo's electrically driven compressors are changing the game when it comes to automotive climate control. Offering high performance and cooling capacity for both cabin air conditioning and battery thermal management, these compressors are ultra-compact and lightweight, reducing energy consumption. But it is not only their size that sets them apart,their structural design ensures maximum durability and resistance to heat and vibration.


The compressor plays a crucial role in the cooling and heating loop. It circulates the refrigerant in the AC loop and increases the pressure of the refrigerant for efficient heat exchange in the AC circuit. Valeo's optimised design, made for low vibration and noise, enhances passenger comfort and has been rated as the best in class for NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness.


Efficient Climate Control: How Valeo's Electrically Driven Compressor is Changing the Game

An integrated electric motor runs the compressor even when the engine is off, maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature while saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. The specific mounting design muffles high-speed noise and vibration for a quieter ride. Electrically driven compressors are particularly useful in hybrid and electric vehicles that don’t depend on a combustion engine. This leads to greater comfort when it comes to air conditioning in such vehicles, with a simple remote control allowing the vehicle's interior to be brought down to the desired temperature before the start of any journey. The high-voltage (HV) compressor uses scroll principle technology to compress the refrigerant, leading to ultra-fast charging, maximum cooling power, and simultaneous cabin and battery cooling.


Valeo's Electric Compressors: The Perfect Solution

As electrification trends push for a rapid transition towards 800V and higher capacity electric driven compressors, large Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and pickup trucks require additional cooling elements , making Valeo's electrically driven compressors the perfect solution. With their high performance, long-lasting construction, and energy efficiency, these compressors are ensuring customer satisfaction and leading the way in automotive climate control technology.