Valeo Actuators  Air conditioning for Passenger Car


What is an actuator?

Blend door actuators, sometimes called HVAC actuators, control air flow into a vehicle's cabin. Specifically, actuators are small electric motors that move the vent doors, mixing hot and cold air to achieve the desired temperature.

Actuators role in air conditioning

Air distribution in a vehicle is determined by the system architecture. The air from an air conditioning unit is directed to the main outlets by the use of doors and kinematic parts such as the actuator.

Manual or Automatic

In manual air conditioning systems, flaps inside the device are used to control the head, lap and foot air distribution. The flaps are actuated from the control panel using cables. In automatic air conditioning systems, the same principle applies but they are fitted with motor-driven mixing flaps that influence the air distribution. Some HVAC actuators also have separate distribution, so that passengers can have a different setting to the driver.

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