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Orifice Tubes for Car Air Conditioning Systems

Orifice Tubes

The orifice tube is a component of the car A/C system.

It is a tube with a defined length and width that expands the refrigerant. Unlike the expansion valve, it cannot regulate the flow rate or superheating. The orifice tube is always connected to the accumulator at the outlet of the evaporator.


Orifice tubes are comprised of three main parts:

  • A metal tube with a chamfered inlet
  • A plastic tube body
  • An inlet and outlet filter 


Valeo Info:

  • If the A/C loop is contaminated, the orifice tube will become clogged, and you will need to replace the orifice tube
  • The orifice tube must always be replaced when another important part of the A/C loop is replaced (compressor, condenser, evaporator, or accumulator)
  • Flush the A/C loop before installing a new orifice tube