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Car air conditioning cleaners ClimPur™


Purify your air conditioning system!

Did you know that the air conditioning system of your car offers ideal conditions of development to many germs, contaminants and viruses? These microorganisms could enter your cabin via ventilation grills. Therefore it is essential to ensure not only the cabin disinfection but as well the decontamination of your Air Conditioning system.

Valeo ClimPur™ has a triple action effect, it cleans, disinfects and protects. It is harmless for A/C systems, prevents the evaporator from corroding, eliminates bad odours and leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance.

 The Valeo ClimPur™ has been approved and certified for its activity against bacteria and germs. ClimPur™ is compliant with bactericide and fungicide norms like: EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276, EN13697).

ClimPur™ is safe & friendly for A/C and for the workshop user. Valeo ClimPur™ is non-flammable, a crucial element for ensuring safety in garages.

Valeo ClimPur™ is not aggressive and efficiently eliminates the bacteria, guaranteeing you cure and long-lasting preventative results. Use of mousse or heavy formula alternatives may block the A/C system. ClimPur™ has a microscopic, tiny formula based on ultrafine drops which maximize the correct product distribution and efficiency.