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Fuel gauges

Fuel gauges

The fuel pump feeds the engine with petrol or diesel either through the injection pump or directly to the injection nozzle. The fuel pump is an electric motor which drives two gears. These gears suck the fuel in the tank while turning. Then the assembly is integrated in a submerged module in the tank. The fuel is sucked into an inlet tube after passing through a pre-filter and is forced through the pump to the output.


The module consists of a motor, a gear pump, a pressure damper, and a discharge valve to prevent overpressure damage. It operates at a constant pressure, typically 2-3 bars, to enable the optimal distribution of fuel to the engine without interruption, and also to prevent air from entering.


For diesel systems, the role of the fuel pump is to send sufficient fuel to the high-pressure fuel pump. The high- pressure fuel pump cannot suck the diesel fuel in the tank. It is important that the high- pressure pump continuously receives diesel to maintain the required pressure. 400 part numbers for 70% European car range coverage.


Traditional and recent technologies inside: mechanical fuel pump, module, pump in line, gauge, for diesel and petrol applications. 100% of the range strictly fulfils the O.E. qualification & manufacturing Processes.