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Ignition coils

Valeo Ignition coils Engine Management Systems for LCV

The ignition coil consists of two windings, a primary with several turns and a secondary with more turns wound around a soft iron core. A breaker switch upstream of the primary winding opens or closes the circuit. Valeo provides the aftermarket with one of the largest offers in Europe, with an important extension in the last months: 90 new part numbers covering an additionnal 15 million vehicles. With a total range of about 200 references valeo ingnition coils covers 80 % of the European car parc range (German, Japanese, Corean, Italian and French carmakers.


Valeo provides a comprehensive coil range featuring various designs: wet coils for old applications, pencil coils, rail coils, top plug coils, block coils & second-generation coils. The latest Valeo O.E. application for PSA (Peugeot 301, C-Elysée) is already available for the aftermarket.