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Double Wet Clutches from Valeo

Double Wet Clutches from Valeo
Valeo is expanding its portfolio for the independent aftermarket: the French automotive supplier now offers the highly efficient and emission-friendly twin wet clutches used by Renault, Mercedes, BMW and Mini.

The Dual Wet Clutch (DWC) offers improved driving comfort and reduces CO2 emissions thanks to more efficient fuel consumption during gear changes: The latest dual clutch system from Valeo has numerous advantages. Valeo is currently expanding its clutch range for the independent aftermarket with DWCs and also offers workshops numerous training materials for the installation of this efficient and climate-friendly solution.

With its solutions for dry and wet dual clutch systems, Valeo is the leading original equipment manufacturer for many well-known brands such as Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Mercedes and Renault. Around three million vehicles are currently equipped with clutches from Valeo. In addition, the French supplier is serving a strongly growing market with its dual-clutch systems. The dual systems are being used in more and more vehicles. By 2030 - according to Valeo's estimates - the European market potential will grow to over 60 million vehicles.


Smoother gear changes with the wet clutch

Valeo has been offering dry dual clutches (DDC) for the aftermarket since 2020, and with the even more efficient DWC systems, Valeo now wants to position itself even more strongly as an aftermarket clutch specialist. The main feature of the DWC system is the two transmission shafts. One for first, third, and fifth and seventh gears and a second shaft for second, fourth, and sixth gears, as well as reverse. When changing gears, while one axle is activated, the other axle is already in gear. By opening the clutch of one axle and closing that of the other, gear changes can be made very quickly and without loss of torque transfer. Shifting gears with this system is smoother and more efficient, saving fuel and reducing emissions. 

Wet clutch systems are characterised by additional increased efficiency and combine the advantages of traditional manual and automatic transmissions. The term wet comes from the multi-plate clutch which runs in an oil bath. This ensures better cooling and higher torques can be transferred. Valeo systems are characterised by low noise and low vibration. Valeo solutions for the aftermarket consistently meet the proven OE quality.


Extensive training material


Valeo offers workshops and a comprehensive service programme as part of this product expansion. With the help of video tutorials, live online training courses, interactive presentations and training documents, workshop staff will be provided with all the important information on the installation and assembly of the new clutch systems.