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Dual Mass Flywheels - How to Check If They Are Within Tolerance!

Does that dual mass flywheel feel as if it has to much movement? Is that noise it is making sound right?

With dual mass flywheels now containing different types of technology, it can often be difficult to determine if one is faulty or not! Attend the webinar and in less than 10 minutes, the Valeo TechCare team will run through how to perform simple diagnostic tolerance checks, as well as:


  • The main two different types of flywheel technology that determine the free-play of the dual mass flywheel

  • How to check the two main types of free-play and where to find the tolerances

  • Fitment best practices prior to fitting the dual mass flywheel


Ideal for motor factors, garages and members of the public to learn how to avoid warranty issues with dual mass flywheels and how to determine if one is faulty or needs replacing!


Also available to watch on demand one hour after the live session.


Attend the live session and be in with a chance of winning a Lifestyle Voucher to use in over 120 shops!


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