Fogstar: The Universal Foglamp

Continuing Valeo’s strong tradition of quality and as a leader in the lighting market, Valeo has enhanced its range of fog-lamps through the Fogstar range. 


The Fogstar product is an innovative universal foglamp that has been adopted by 13 major car manufacturers covering over 90 vehicle applications. With only 6 references the range covers a huge potential vehicle base of over 2.6 million vehicles in the UK and Ireland.



One key reference 88358 covers over 45 applications including application for
Ford Fiesta (11/05)
- Ford Focus CC (11/06) 
- Ford Fusion (11/05)
- Ford Transit (04/06)
- Renault Laguna II ph2 (05/05 > 09/07)
- Renault Laguna III (10/07) 
- Renault Megane II (09/02 > 12/05) 
- Renault Scenic II (01/06) 
- Jaguar S (08/03) & X Type (03/04) 
- Vauxhall Corsa C OPC (09/00 > 06/06) 
- Vauxhall Corsa D OPC (05/07)
- Vauxhall Zafira 2005 OPC (07/05



All the Fogstar range is the same product as fitted by the manufacturers. This means the product offers a perfect fit through dimensional accuracy which guarantees an easy change of the bulb and a fast and perfect fit of the foglamp.


Key Benefits:
- 100% Glass lens : high temperature resistance 
Easy storage with compact box 14x14x13cm 
- Complete range delivered with bulb 
Excellent Photometric performance 
- Remarkable hydrophobic ventilation system with the lights on, condensation is evacuated in 15 minutes max
- Environmentally friendly: Recycling rate =90% (without bulb). 

Fit and stock exactly what the manufacturers utilize: Valeo Fogstar.

For further information please contact your local Valeo Business Development Manager and regularly visit our Website.

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