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How to reduce truck fuel costs but maintain torque? Valeo’s TH Damper is the answer.

Valeo TH Damper truck clutch disc.
In the strive to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint, truck manufacturers have used engine down-speeding – having truck engines run at lower speeds – to achieve these goals. And down-speeding has worked. But, it has led to other challenges: how do you maintain torque? And how do you deal with the increased vibration and noise? Thankfully, Valeo’s breakthrough TH Damper solves both of these problems. Read on to learn more…


Dampening and power?


Valeo Transmission Systems’ mission is to supply the best possible powertrain solutions for the automotive industry, with a focus on reducing fuel consumption, while maintaining power and torque transfer from engine to gearbox.


It’s no surprise then that Valeo has created the TH Damper, a revolutionary clutch disc for trucks.


TH Damper is able to increase dampening performance by 40%, while transmitting engine torque up to 3,500 Nm. This dampening performance allows engine speed reduction by up to 200 RPM, translating into fuel savings of up to 2%*.


How does the TH Damper do it? 


Valeo’s TH Damper features five distinct characteristics that enable it to achieve these results:


  1. A bigger damper of 285mm allows torque up to 3,500 Nm, while reducing noise, vibration and harshness.
  2. Five larger springs increase vibration dampening and limitates angular stiffness by -30%
  3. A spring seat bed allows the spring to operate only in compression mode, avoiding torsion.
  4. Original Equipment quality friction materials ensure high thermal resistance and limits vibration.
  5. A pre-damper reduces gearbox noise at low revs.


Driveline protection, and a smoother ride

Apart from maintaining torque and reducing fuel costs, the reduction of clutch vibration and noise protects the driveline. It also means enhanced driver comfort - better gear changes give drivers a smoother and more comfortable ride.


The TH Damper breakthrough is a direct result of Valeo's ongoing commitment to research and development in transmission systems, and like all Valeo clutches, the TH Damper is manufactured to Valeo's highest quality standards. Trust Valeo for all your truck transmission needs!


* Valeo fuel consumption estimations for illustrative purposes will vary based on various factors such as vehicle application and usage.


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