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Inside the Valeo Dual Mass Flywheel

Valeo welcomes you to come and learn about the inner working of the Dual Mass Flywheel on the 29th October at 11.00am. As an OE manufacturer of DMF technology, utilise our knowledge and learn:


  • How the Dual Mass Flywheel handles engine and gearbox vibrations

  • The various components that make up the DMF 

  • The Long Travel Damper Technology


Ideal for motor factors, garages and automotive professionals to get expert knowledge on Valeo Dual Mass Flywheel technology! 

Valeo DMF technologies ensure an excellent driving experience with 100% torque transmission, high filtration of vibration and an improved shifting comfort. Don't miss out on the chance to learn more about this exciting technology! 

Also available to watch on demand one hour after the live session.