Long travel damper dual-mass flywheel PACE award finalist in 2014

Valeo’s Long Travel Damper Dual Mass Flywheel (LTD-DMF) is unique for being the best in class in both engine vibration filtering and engine start. It also can be adapted on manual, hybrid and wet dual clutch transmission applications. Customers can now drive a sensitive hybrid powertrain application with minimum noise, vibration or harshness issues, thus supporting CO2 emission decrease.

Valeo’s Dual Mass Flywheel has been launched initially on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, and was a PACE Award finalist in 2014 - a great 2014 OE innovative launch for Aftermarket.


The Long Travel Damper Dual Mass Flywheel significantly reduces vibration and noise on higher torque, fuel efficient engines, especially at low-speed operation. The innovation absorbs torque vibration generated by the engine. The LTD DMF divides the acceleration input to the gearbox by more than two at all engine speeds, when compared to a dual mass flywheel with standard inner damper.


The straight spring damper in an automatic transmission has superior engine vibration filtering properties, but poor engine start properties. A curved spring damper in a manual transmission has poor engine vibration filtering properties, but superior engine start properties. Valeo, using a unique architecture, combined the two dampers in series, thus creating “best in class” operation for both engine vibration filtering and engine start.

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