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New Valeo interior blowers now available in the aftermarket

For years, French automotive supplier Valeo has been increasing sales of its high-quality interior blowers for vehicle ventilation systems

Currently, every second new EU vehicle comes with a Valeo blower as standard. Throughout 2022, the product range will be extended and the high-quality, attractively priced Valeo ventilation blowers will be available in the aftermarket. 

High-quality products, easy to install 

Valeo's ventilation blower consists of a fan wheel, electric motor and a power control device. The advantages: The blower is extremely quiet - no matter at what speed and in what vehicle. The sturdy design is hardly susceptible to vibrations, which is why the fan is considered to be particularly low-maintenance. In addition, the blower is quick and easy to install. Optimum EMC filters protect the vehicle's sensitive electronics from electromagnetic interference.

Heating and ventilation play an important role in the comfort of vehicle occupants. In the event of accident damage, faulty operation or noise generation, the blower should therefore be replaced without fail. With the interior blower, the fan, drive and control unit can also be replaced individually due to the modular design. 


Best OE quality 

Valeo ensures the quality of its products through comprehensive product testing and competes with attractive prices. Numerous vehicle manufacturers - including Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Citroën and Renault therefore rely on Valeo's interior blowers. In 2022, Valeo expects its market coverage of  vehicles in Europe to reach 83 percent. These interior blowers will also be available in the aftermarket.