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Valeo OptiPACK: The Perfect Solution for Every Vehicle and Braking Behaviour!

Your customers have different vehicles and different braking behaviours, Valeo has a solution for them all. OptiPACK™ – the all-in-one brake pad kit voted best value for money by European customers* – is available for medium and heavy trucks, trailers, buses and coaches. One unique product provides coverage for almost every braking need.


All-in-one ease with OptiPACK™ brake pad kits 

Valeo  has been a leading braking specialist since 1923 and we bring that expertise to a completely revamped and extended range of all-in-one brake pad kits that include a set of brake pads and all the accessories needed for brake replacement. 


Now one product – Valeo OptiPACK™ – provides coverage for 78 different commercial vehicle references, or approximately 95% of the European commercial vehicle market. This includes 15 new references, the highlights of which are:

  • 882281 for Mercedes-Benz MP4 (2011) / WVA 29246 29247 29346 29347 / Knorr SM7, Front position, patent free version
  • 882282 for Mercedes-Benz MP4 (2011) / WVA 29244 29245 / Knorr SL7, Rear position, patent free version
  • 882286 for Scania S-Series (2016) / WVA 29332 / Meritor , front and rear
  • 882253 for trailer BPW TSB 4309 TSB 3709 / WVA 29228, rear
  • 882277 for trailer SAF Haldex DB22 LT / VWA 29274, rear

But also, all-in-one quality thanks to industry-leading brake pad features

Valeo OptiPACK™ brings years of braking expertise and European-made quality to the commercial vehicle brake aftermarket. Surpassing ECE R90 certification, OptiPACK™ brake pads feature a steel back plate for perfect caliper fitting and ease of identification and traceability. 

A metal net system prevents shearing, regardless of operating and heat conditions, and an adhesive layer ensures a strong bond with the friction material on the back plate. 

An insulation underlay provides high thermal efficiency and heat dissipation, and the high-quality friction material delivers reliable, consistent brake performance. 


OptiPACK™ Product characteristics



Performance & Benefits


Steel Back plate

Provide corrosion protection

Identification and traceability : ECE-R90 approval number + VWA number + production batch + Valeo reference

Perfect fitting with the caliper


Mechanical retention system

Metal net system is a high performance bonding solution to avoid shear whatever operating & heat conditions


Adhesive layer

In association with the retention system, ensure a strong bond of the friction material on the back plate


Insulation underlay

Ensure high thermal efficiency and heat dissipation


Friction material

High quality friction material delivers consistent and reliable brake performance even in extreme conditions


Debris clearance groove

To evacuate the braking dusts

Noise free braking function

Allow the flexibility of the pad


The brake pads in OptiPACK™ are packaged in premium five-layer cardboard and sealed in thermo-shaped plastic for safe transportation and handling, and to ensure excellent storage conditions. 

And to support workshops in their everyday operations, Valeo developed ‘flying view’ images of each reference, detailing their composition and helping users see at a glance the individual specifications of each reference. Efficiency and time saving guaranteed.


OptiPACK™ - Flying view

Valeo’s support doesn’t stop there. We are committed to our customers’ needs and to delivering the most suitable support, such as:

  • Improved visibility and readability on Tecdoc®
  • Technical Hotline and Connected Assistance for quick and professional answers about crosses, applications requirements and fitting issues
  • Technical training and promotion with our longstanding automotive professional trainers who know the aftermarket.

For more information on OptiPACK™ and Valeo’s entire range of brake kits, visit the dedicated page!



* European customers perception survey conducted by MV2 Group / April 2018

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