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Valeo Cyclee™ at Eurobike

During the Eurobike show in Frankfurt, Valeo presented Valeo Cyclee™, its system for electric bikes



Valeo Cyclee™ attracts visitors at Eurobike


The Eurobike show was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 13th to 17th July 2022. This great event has become an  international platform dedicated to low-carbon mobility and the transportation of the future. 

Valeo exhibited in Hall 8 as well as in the test zone to present  Valeo Cyclee™, its innovative 48V electric assistance system for all types of bicycles, perfectly in phase with a market undergoing radical transformation. 

The test area, where two models of bicycles equipped with the Valeo Cyclee system™ were presented, was very busy and popular with the public. On average, no fewer than 150 tests were carried out each day, allowing visitors to experience the "e-bike revolution" by testing an urban trekking bike or a mountain bike, as they wished.


Valeo Cyclee at the Eurobike tradeshow


Valeo Cyclee™, the first e-bike motor with an integrated automatic gearbox


Valeo's technology is unparalleled in the bicycle industry. It is the first time that a single module, fitted within the pedal assembly, integrates a 48V electric motor, an automatic gearbox – developed in partnership with French company Effigear – and predictive software enabling the assistance system to instantly adapt to the cyclist's riding style and needs. 

Intelligent, easy to use, and quick to operate, Valeo's electric assistance system for bikes, complete with its gearbox, is set to be considered the bicycle equivalent of the automatic transmission in latest-generation cars.

Performance driven by 48V technology


The 48V electric bicycle assistance system, Valeo Cyclee™, is a set of complementary technologies  combining performance, ease of use and adaptability to a variety of uses. It's also compact and lightweight, at less than 5 kilograms. 

Valeo's electric motor is more efficient than the 24V or 36V motors that feature on the vast majority of  electric bikes on the market today. 

With a torque of up to 130 Newton meters, the assistance system can multiply the pedal torque by as much as eight, compared to the current average of five, allowing cyclists to ride comfortably and effortlessly in every situation.


Valeo Cyclee 48V motor with integrated automatic gearbox

Simple and intuitive


With the Valeo Cyclee™ system, which integrates transmission  technology, the gears shift in less than 100 milliseconds regardless of the conditions, with no buttons or levers needing to be pressed. Cyclists can even change gears "under load",  i.e., without having to stop pedaling, and without jerking. Thanks to  Valeo, electric bikes can now offer the same advantages as cars in terms of adaptive automatic gearboxes. 

There is no longer any need for a derailleur – just a single sprocket that allows for a chain or belt drive. As a result, bikes can say goodbye to many parts that are often fragile and require constant maintenance and attention.

Highly modular electric assistance technology adapted to all uses


Valeo's technology can be adapted to all needs and uses, including urban trekking bikes, mountain bikes and cargo bikes for transporting loads.  

The Valeo Cyclee™ solution is particularly well suited to eCargo bikes, whether for daily family use or for professional transportation. It can carry up to 350 kilograms (including the weight of the bike and the rider) without effort. The system makes it easy to go up a parking ramp with a heavy load, for example, even in reverse. At a time when city centers are being closed to cars and vehicles with internal combustion engines, cargo bikes are playing an increasingly important role in urban mobility, and eCargo models are set to be among the first bicycles equipped with Valeo's electric assistance to appear on the market.


Valeo Cyclee for cargo e-bikes


20 clients already trust Valeo Cyclee™


Valeo's innovation premiered in December 2020. Now, just under 20 months later, Valeo has already won the trust of 20 customers to power their new bike ranges.

They include La Manufacture Française du Cycle (through its Sunn brand), Ateliers HeritageBike, VUF Bikes, Cycleurope and FUELL.

All customers are currently located in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Production will be launched for 15 of them in 2022. The production lines located in France have already begun operating.

Aftermarket support for Valeo's innovative system

Aftermarket support for Valeo's innovative system


Alongside the launch of electric bikes fitted with the Group's 48V technology, Valeo will also make its know-how available in the aftermarket. To make it easier to service and maintain the drivetrain system, Valeo will roll out the necessary assistance to all the bike distribution networks chosen by bike manufacturers, wherever the Group's customers are located.

Valeo is committed to supporting all bicycle stores and repair workshops in the maintenance, warranty and non-warranty repair and sales support for Valeo systems. After all, the most important thing is user satisfaction, which must be borne in mind every step of the way.

The program set up by Valeo is built around five areas of assistance:

  • A dedicated customer service unit to collect and process any questions or claims, whether covered by a warranty or not.
  • A technical support hotline with experts offering high quality assistance.
  • A team of trainers to provide technical knowledge on Valeo's innovations.
  • A dedicated logistics service that will deliver any spare part in Europe within 48 hours.
  • An online platform, accessible 24/7, where users can access technical content (such as video tutorials and technical bulletins), and a diagnostic tool (for bike activation and repair) and order spare parts.


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