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As one of the leading manufacturers of thermal systems, Valeo announces an acceleration of its aftermarket thermal product portfolio and has already expanded its offering in 2021 with the introduction of 149 additional air conditioning and engine cooling products.

In 2022, Valeo will further enhance its offering for both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles with 800 new condensers, blowers, compressors, coolers and intercoolers.

Valeo is meeting the challenge of a rapidly growing market and the ever-increasing demands placed on workshops. Facilitating the daily work of mechanics is at the heart of Valeo's strategy, from the right range to smart services .

Valeo has massively expanded its range of condensers and blowers into 2022 and will continue this trend, focusing on European racer items such as blowers for the Audi Q7, Ford Fiesta, Renault Captur and Volkswagen Golf 7.

Valeo is also responding to the growth of the electric vehicle market by offering thermal products for both electric and hybrid vehicles, with a range of electrically driven compressors covering common French applications (Peugeot 3008, 5008, DS7...), as well as low-temperature coolers, condensers and blowers.

In terms of services, Valeo is constantly updating its offer with strong benefits for workshops and dealers:

  • improved visibility with a revolutionary view for compressors in Tecdoc®, showing all important technical features at a glance.
  • improved technical information on condensers with technical drawings, pictures and technical information on all newly launched products
  • newly added vehicle links in Tecdoc® with more than 10 million vehicles in 2021 for intercoolers, 20 million for thermostats and 15 million for condensers

Tech'Care, Valeo's technical support programme, which includes Valeo Tech@assist, the web platform that provides free access to all Valeo technical information in just two clicks is free and readily accessible.


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