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Valeo IMI Clutch Training

Valeo offers more than just premium products of OE quality. Their Technical Team offers their services to help you understand our products and help you sell them. Our after sales service also ensures your customers have everything they need to understand, fit and use Valeo products correctly.


Valeo’s professionally designed clutch training course modules are 100% IMI accredited and are delivered by one of their experienced Valeo Tech’Care engineers. The course is designed to give you both theory and hands on experience to enhance your knowledge on Valeo clutch technology, upon completion of the Valeo Clutch Training Programme you will receive an official certificate endorsed by both Valeo and the IMI.

On the course candidates will benefit from the OE know how and wealth of experience from the Valeo Tech’care team. The Valeo clutch training programme consists of six modules including:

Basic- A module designed to take you back to basics. Here, we look at the key aspects of clutch systems covering all the basic components in the transmission system and their main support functions.

Intermediate- This module is designed to expand on the points candidates will cover in module 1. Here you will gain a greater understanding of clutch and transmission systems as well as the additional components that contribute to clutch actuation.

Advanced- This module is designed to give you a broader knowledge of engine and transmission links. Here we identify the various types of clutch technologies including, DMF, self adjusting, high efficiency, conversion kit and others in the market at both OE and aftermarket level as well as best fitment practices through part analysis.

Valeo Conversion Kit Technologies and Benefits- Valeo conversion kits offer a high performing alternative to dual mass flywheels and are currently celebrating nearly 20 years of success. In this module we focus on the technology that has brought that success, how conversion kits effectively remove vibrations from the transmission line and how they offer a viable cost saving alternative to dual mass flywheels.

Clutch care and repair- In this module we consider the main key aspects of clutch warranty failure focusing on common fitment issues experienced and how to avoid them

Clutch Failure- This module looks at and includes a comprehensive view of defects which can be detected on a clutch before of during fitment. These defects are not due to a failure on the clutch itself,but in its environment, its assembly or its use.

To find out more about out Clutch training or to book onto the course please contact the Valeo Technical Team on 01527 838300.