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Valeo Matrix Beam headlights provide better visibility without blinding oncoming drivers

At Automechanika 2018, Valeo is exhibiting its Valeo Matrix Beam technology.

These latest generation headlights allow drivers to leave their high beams on without blinding oncoming drivers, providing maximum visibility in all conditions. LEDs produce beams of light that allow all obstacles to be identified, without reducing visibility for oncoming drivers and without having to switch high beams off.


Also on show are Valeo’s BiLED™ modules, which replace xenon with LED lighting. This technology combines low and high beam functions in a single, highly compact component, and offers continuous, automatic transition from high to low. Driving comfort can be further improved by activating the directional lighting function. Valeo BiLED™ modules are already in series production and are fitted to models of eight brands in North America, China and Europe.


In these high-tech headlights, automotive repair and maintenance professionals have a product that adds value to their work. The additional safety afforded to customers by this technological advance hinges on a mechanic’s installation expertise.


Did you know?

Valeo ranks number one worldwide in lighting systems. Around 25% of new vehicles in Europe are fitted with Valeo technology. Valeo is a partner to all automakers in Europe, Asia and North and South America.