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Valeo Service enlarges its freewheel pulley range by 15 new references

The O.A.P. (also called freewheel pulley) makes the mechanical link between the alternator and the engine output crankshaft pulley. This alternator component is subject to high stress, can rotate up to 12,000 rpm and must be changed every 80.000km.

Thanks to this new extension of 15 references, the Valeo freewheel pulley range covers an additional 4 million vehicles in Europe, among which popular applications such as OPEL Astra J, NISSAN Qashqai J10, TOYOTA Corolla X or HYUNDAI Ix35.

A freewheel pulley presents numerous benefits against a solid one:

  • It stops the friction losses due to belt slippage
  • It secures the belt drive system by absorbing engine acyclisms 
  • It allows the rotor to keep turning in freewheel mode when engine is stopping 


In this respect, Valeo Service introduced the successful freewheel pulley offer to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) in 2014 and keeps supporting its development in 2016. 

With O.E. quality standards, a best-in-class level of standardization, an excellent packaging know-how, multiple technical services and attractive price positioning, Valeo stands among the most reliable partners of freewheel pulleys in the I.A.M.

The freewheel pulley technology meets a great demand with over 100 Million vehicles equipped in Europe and expected to grow up to 80% of the European car park by 2030*.


* Perimeter: France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy


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