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Valeo Service ready for 2017 HFO regulation

The HFO -1234yf gas appeared in the automotive industry further to environmental regulations. The HFO is a substitution refrigerant fluid for the HFC-134a, known for his contribution to the greenhouse effect. While the R-134a has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1430, the 1234-yf GWP is only 4.

The ClimFill™ Easy HFO (VS part number 710297) has a lot of advantages that will make it the perfect refill station for workshops.

The 1234-yf ready garage tool has an important operational tank capacity (6,3 kg). It features the ClimFill™ Lock coupler that avoids refrigerant gases to be released in the atmosphere when decoupling making the station an eco responsible money saver. The cost of the 1234-yf is important, the savings create by the ClimFill™ Easy HFO are thus precious for a garage.


The ClimFill™ Easy HFO automatically manages all operations on the air conditioning system, including recovery, recycling, injection and weighing of the refrigerant and the oil. Light and compact, this station can also be used more easily in the workspace.


The ClimFil™l® Pro HFO (VS part number 625295) regroups the same advantages as the ClimFill™ Easy HFO but benefit from a bigger tank capacity that allow a higher frequency of use. This station is the best choice for the A/C professionals that aimed to be the leaders of A/C maintenance.



In addition, Valeo Service offers a complete range of accessories and spare parts, thus avoiding leaving stations out of service for extended periods.

Our entire range of spare parts availability is up to 10 years after the production date of the related ClimFill™ station. 

Valeo proposes a yearly data base update which is an essential point for the garage: with a constantly growing HFO car park, this vehicles updates will help workshops being always up to date.

In a market where responsiveness is required, especially during the core of the season, Valeo teams provide the workshops with a skilled sales force and promoters to intervene on the equipment whenever it is necessary. 




The Valeo ClimFill® range, is composed of 5 refill stations.


Three for the R134A refrigerant loop

  • The ClimFiIll Easy (625201) have the similar features as the ClimFill™ easy HFO but using the R134a fluid.
  • The ClimFiIll Pro (625202), the most advanced Valeo‘s station, has a 12.5 kg operating capacity.
  • The ClimFiIll Maxi (710203), is the perfect solution dedicated to trucks and buses. It features a Supercharge mode to guarantee an adequate service.


Two for the HFO 1234yf refrigerant loop

  • The ClimFiIll™ Easy HFO (710297) 
  • The ClimFiIll™ Pro HFO (625295) offers similar features to the regular ClimFill™ Pro, but HFO 1234 yf ready. 



*HFO is the short name for the refrigerant fluid 1234-yf. HFO loop is the A/C loop, developed by Valeo since 2012, to be filled with the new HFO (1234-yf) refrigerant fluid.



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