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Valeo’s OE Pedigree on Transmission: A Class Above

Valeo’s OE Pedigree on Transmission: A Class Above
Valeo manufactures high quality transmission solutions. discover three top-of-the-line OE clutches and DMFs.


Valeo’s main areas of expertise are in the manufacturing of OE clutches and DMFs. Offering three top-of-the-line product ranges for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM), Valeo’s goal is to provide high quality transmission products that suit an array of needs and requirements.

Happily, Valeo also offers the IAM the exact same range of products that are installed as original equipment on major international brands such as Mercedes and Renault.

These ranges come in the form of different products such as clutch kits and DMFs for dual dry and dual wet clutch transmissions, actuators for dual dry clutches and coupling rotors for hybrid applications.


Valeo’s Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF)

Valeo’s Pendulum Dual Mass flywheel Gen.2 (PACE award winner in 2022), is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative reduction of noise, vibration, and harshness. 

This technology is essential for the performance of hybrid vehicles because they require a strong filtration system to maintain both longevity and comfort within the vehicle. Valeo demonstrates how its Pendulum Damper technology can be used to enable solutions that reduce gas emissions and pollution in hybrid vehicles and in vehicles with Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs)


Valeo’s Dual Dry Clutches (DDC)

Another of Valeo’s first class range is the Dual Dry Clutch range, which is 100% OE technology.

Valeo’s DDCs are designed to offer a continuous transmission of engine power, with minimum torque loss during gear change, to allow a smooth acceleration and fostering powerful driving sensations.

All these innovations put together enhance comfort, lower vibrations and resistance, ultimately reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Valeo’s Dual Wet Clutches (DWC)

Last but not least in Valeo’s high quality transmission range are the Dual Wet Clutches (DWC), which offer another innovative solution for those seeking a smooth and efficient driving experience.

Valeo’s Dual Wet Clutches offer superior performance when compared to traditional clutches by offering better heat dissipation, which prevents overheating and ensures consistent performance over time. The entire shifting process is rapid and without any interruption in torque. This results in improved acceleration and smoother gear changes, again creating a more comfortable driving experience and greater fuel efficiency. 

DWCs are also known for their versatility and can be used in a variety of vehicles, including hybrid vehicles.


Guaranteeing Satisfaction

Ultimately, whichever range suits Valeo’s customers, they can always be ensured of an excellent driving experience. With these three top-of-the-line ranges, Valeo is showing its commitment to supplying high quality transmission products that meet expectations at the very top end of the market. 

By putting fuel efficiency, comfort, and durability at the front of their thinking, Valeo is the perfect solution for any transmission needs required throughout the aftermarket.


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