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Valoe Service presents the Valeo Clutch Kit Finder

Valeo’s innovative new Clutch Kit Finder lets you find the parts you need in record time

Finally there’s a fast way to find that one truck clutch part

When you have a repair job to do, you probably want to get right to it; time spent trying to figure out what parts you need and where to find them is time that you’re not spending on repairs. 

This is why Valeo has come up with the truck Clutch Kit Finder: Available online at no cost and with no login necessary, the Clutch Kit Finder will help you find the parts you need in record time, as it doesn’t just list kit references, but also allows you to access the individual parts within the kits.

Our finder contains :
- 499 complete OES clutch kit references
- 346 individual part references

A total of 845 references

You can even search by manufacturer, simply by entering the OES, IAM or Valeo part number into the search box. And once you’ve found the item you need, the part listing page will also give you all the technical information and specifications you need for that part. 

Try out the Clutch Kit Finder today at: