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VSUK Webinar- Self Adjusting Clutches vs. Valeo High Efficiency Clutches

Do you know the differences between Self-Adjusting and High Efficiency clutch technologies?

Come and join Valeo on the 24th April at 9.30am in our interactive webinar for self-adjusting and high efficiency clutches. If you aren't sure what each of these technologies do, or what the benefits of either are, then you could be missing a trick when supplying or fitting clutch parts.

Attend this 30 minute webinar and learn the following:

  • What is a self-adjusting clutch, and what it does
  • What is a high-efficiency clutch, and what it does
  • What the main advantages of each technology are
  • Best fitting practices​​​

Ideal for people with either beginner or advanced knowledge of clutch systems. Register today to book your free place to improve your knowledge base and make your future easier when selecting, supplying and fitting clutch parts!

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