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Our mission


Valeo Service, fulfilling aftermarket needs worldwide.

Valeo was founded in 1923 in Saint Ouen (France). Valeo, an automotive supplier and strategic partner to all automakers worldwide, is the leading supplier of cutting-edge automotive technologies. Valeo Service, part of the Valeo Group, is the automotive aftermarket specialist worldwide. Valeo Service commitment is to care for you and your customers’ vehicles (passenger cars and industrial vehicles) long after they have left the production floor. Whether you are a automaker (from global entity up to authorized dealers), a fleet manager, an end user, Valeo Service is at your side in over 150 countries.

Valeo Service is the Aftermarket Specialist that:

  • Offers a broad range of spare parts for car and commercial vehicles that enhance safety and comfort to deliver a unique driving experience

  • Provides also services like diagnosis, training, as well as sales and marketing support

  • Serves & supplies at a worldwide level, all aftermarket channels : Car Dealers Networks (OES) & Independent Aftermarket Players (IAM)


Markets and product families.

5 key markets structure our offer:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Crash
  • Accessories
  • New Mobility & Connectivity


For each, Valeo Service provides a full array of services, of Original Equipment Spares (OES) to manufacturers and replacement parts, accessories to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM).

Valeo Service Aftermarket

Valeo Service is the aftermarket entity of the Valeo Group.

Fully dedicated and specialized to the Aftermarket needs with a broad range of spare parts for cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, Valeo Service is THE Aftermarket Specialist both supplying both Car Dealers Networks (OES) and Independent Aftermarket Players (IAM).

OES Mission

Valeo service - We care 4 you

You are our focus | We are your Aftermarket experts

The mission of Valeo Service OES is to bring added value to all car maker and make the difference in addressing their specific needs in the Aftermarket:

  • supply original new or remanufactured spare parts to ensure the availability of the parts throughout the total life cycle of the products.
  • design & produce specific Aftermarket solutions to propose innovative technologies and help car makers to remain competitive (adaptables, all makes and 2nd lines ranges).
  • develop new Mobility & Connectivity solutions (Telematics, Machine learning, Fleet Management, Security and Assistance).

Wherever you may be located, Valeo Service OES delivers parts and services which provide a safe, comfortable and unique driving experience. The “We Care 4 you” statement is the specialist’s promise, strongly embodied in highly customized answers like diagnostic tools, training, technical, sales and marketing support.