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Clutch kits

Valeo clutches

The Valeo clutch offer for the aftermarket features over 3,400 part numbers (kits and components), covering 90% of the European car fleet. Valeo is also present within the biggest French, German, Korean, Japanese and Italian car manufacturers.

New clutch designs

Valeo today offers more complex clutch designs such as Valeo SAT (Self Adjusting Technology), a revolutionary technology featuring a self-adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate which enhances clutch life and improves pedal comfort.

New clutch kits

Valeo engineers have designed a new clutch kit called HEC (High Efficiency Clutch) that replaces competitors’ self-adjusting clutch. Valeo’s R&D centres have spent years developing an improved cover assembly and a low-wear facing, resulting in a high quality, reliable and durable new clutch.

Valeo: a wide range of clutch kits

  • 3PKIT with concentric slave cylinder (CSC): over 100 part numbers
  • Self-Adjusting Technology (SAT): 205 part numbers, including 65 part numbers of HEC
  • CV clutches: 700 part numbers including 100 remanufactured part numbers

Asian expansion

Valeo is investing in all product lines to extend its offer to Korean and Japanese vehicles. With a range including over 670 part numbers, Valeo covers 80% of the Asian car range. Applications include Hyundai Accent, Nissan Micra, Toyota Aygo clutches and more.


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