Valeo Service kit for conversion kit Transmission Systems for Passenger car

KIT4P™, The Conversion Kit for Intensive Usage

15 years of success… and more to come

Looking for a high performing aftermarket alternative to the dual mass flywheel? The Valeo KIT4P matches DMF performance over its lifetime. The design is composed of a rigid flywheel with no wear parts and contains a clutch kit made of Valeo’s Long Travel Damper (LTD) technology.

A versatile solution

Recent KIT4P developments cover applications such as certain BMW, Opel, Citroën, Xsara, Ford, Suzuki, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Audi models. Valeo has also launched KIT4P including concentric slave cylinders (CSC) for vehicles fitted with a full hydraulic actuation system. Valeo also offers a complete range of service clutch kits for individual clutch replacement.

Valeo: your transmission systems partner

Today, there are 98 KIT4P conversion kit references in Valeo’s range, covering over 40 million vehicles in Europe. Thanks to its long travel damper disc, KIT4P is an economical alternative solution to dual mass flywheels, matching its performance over its lifetime and reducing repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

Why choose Valeo?

  • Cost-efficient alternative
  • Reliable solution, increased durability and longer clutch life
  • 100% torque transfer in all drive conditions
  • Excellent vibration and noise filtration
  • Reduced labour and optimized serviceability thanks to the Valeo Car Service Kit
  • Easy to fit, same installation and fitting time as DMF and the associated clutch kit



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