Valeo Wiper motors Wiping Systems for Passenger car

Wiper motors

Why wipers matter

Did you know? A third of European cars are equipped with a Valeo window wiper motor. When it comes to driving safely, a clear view is absolutely essential, especially when driving in bad weather conditions or at high speed. That’s why Valeo has developed a cutting-edge wiper motor, adapted exactly to the particular characteristics of the front and rear windshield and the vehicle’s complete wiping system.

See clearly with Valeo windscreen wipers

All Valeo wiper motors are Original Equipment (O.E.) produced with high quality material. They are 100% reliable, with accurate fitting and zero risk of incorrect mounting. For added assurance, all wiper motors come with an identical spare part with the same life cycle as the O.E.

Why Valeo is number one:

  • Output and power transmission same as the original part
  • O.E. requirements by car makers are incorporated (park position, respect of wiper angle and area)
  • Optimal high-speed characteristics: wiping speed conforms to O.E. requirements and EU directive
  • Low noise due to high quality manufacturing, avoiding vibrations

Take a closer look for a better view

To meet O.E. quality standards, all Valeo car wipers undergo test runs with more than 1.5 million wiping cycles in predefined climate profiles such as winter and humidity. Physical indicators such as wiping angle, power, tension and temperature are regularly monitored and measured.

Find out how to replace wiper motors:




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