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OES | Air conditioning

In a car, driver & passenger comfort is essential. Valeo as a O.E leader & mulit-specialist in air conditioning, highly aware of environmental issues and technological evolutions in HVAC system. Valeo as an air quality specialist, ensures pure and pollution free ambiance in cabin with its advanced cabin air filtration system.

Valeo Service is committed to offer products in aftermarket which are:

  • Efficient & effective: best in quality and adherent to HVAC system evolutions in OEM. 
  • Ensures well-being: improved air quality and fresh air in the car using optimised air filtration system. 
  • Environmental friendly: reducing A/C loop consumption & CO2 emissions.


To improve in-cabin air quality, Valeo Service offers full range of Cabin Air Filters which stops particulate matter, unpleasant odors & harmful gases entering into the vehicle cabin through Air conditioning system from outside.


The compressor is the main part of the A/C system, it ensures the flow of The refrigerant through the circuit. The compressor is driven by the accessory belt. A clutch system allows activating or deactivating the A/C unit.

Valeo Service -OES offers:

  •  A complete range of new and remanufactured compressors: the answer to all markets‘ needs.
  • 100% of the products are tested during the whole production process.
  • All the parts are valeorigin and fulfill the O.E. specifications.


The condenser is a heat exchanger that is located at the front of the vehicle. The condenser cools down the refrigerant (heated up by the evaporator) and becomes a liquid (condensates) by transferring its heat to the flow of ambient air passing through it. Valeo Service - OES offers the condenser alternative range covering more than 90% (mix of Gennuine and alternative range) of of European passenger cars and Light Commercial Vehicles 5-10 years old car parc.


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