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Truck brake pad sets | Valeo Service

Truck brake pad sets

Valeo offers premium aftermarket quality brake pads. Valeo is one of the only providers who addresses all the segments of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles with the brake pads program. Having more than 80 part numbers in our premium program means that we offer around 98% coverage for European Commercial Vehicle applications, all of which are manufactured at the highest standards and technology. Our friction quality is backed up by Valeo’s strict testing and validation process.


The friction material is capable of withstanding the most extreme working conditions in order to meet O.E. performance standards. Its low organic content and correct dosage mixing prevent premature wear and promote stable friction at all times.


The Valeo brake pads range captures the popular light commercial vehicle applications over 3.5t and most of the heavy truck, bus and semi trailer applications. It covers the callipers of main manufacturers which apply on almost all commercial vehicles in Europe.





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