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Air Quality: a Major Environmental Issue.
Today’s drivers dream of cars that do not pollute and clean air in their passenger compartment. Solutions that combine well-being in the passenger compartment and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are strategically important to Valeo, and they represent an opportunity to be seized in response to drivers’ demands on the after-sales market.

Valeo, which is renowned for its air conditioning systems, proposes a complete range that covers filtration, and the repair and servicing of the air conditioning circuit with technical parts and a selection of air conditioning stations. In addition to these products, Valeo Service supports professionals with its range of technical services. Being close to our customers is the idea at the heart of our “We Care 4 You” strategy. 83% of today’s passenger vehicles are equipped with air conditioning (GiPA data - 2017 Drivers Survey). This trend represents a genuine opportunity for growth on this market for after-sales professionals. Drivers tend to call on professionals to service their air conditioning systems, because they feel that these operations are technically complex. If the diagnostic is complete and clearly explained, this operation can build customer loyalty by insisting on the importance of regular servicing. 97% of today’s vehicles less than two years old are equipped with air conditioning (GiPA data - 2017 Drivers Survey). And the market trend is towards 100% in the years to come. Professionals play a key role on the air conditioning market. Regular servicing is often neglected through ignorance. The air conditioning system actively helps to maintain optimal visibility in summer and in winter, thanks to the demisting function. Valeo is offering to support professionals on this market with a complete range of technical products and air conditioning stations.


Always choose technical parts from Valeo!

There are three key technical products on the air conditioning market:

  • Compressors: Valeo offers two ranges (New and Standard Exchange) that cover at least 80% of the vehicles on the road in France (Valeo data).
  • Condensers: More than 85% of the vehicles on the road in France are covered (Valeo data)
  • Blower motors: In 2017, Valeo equipped 28% of new vehicles in Europe. (Valeo data)


Valeo technical parts for air conditioning

Opt for Valeo’s ClimFill™ air conditioning stations In 2017, more than 2.1 million air conditioning refills were performed in France (GiPA data - 2017 air conditioning refills product marketing fact sheet). Valeo is supporting repairers by offering a comprehensive range of Valeo ClimFill™ air conditioning stations, which are essential for all professionals who intend to work on the air conditioning circuit.

Available in five models. It is important to make the distinction between the different capacities of the stations:

  • Total capacity: The total capacity of the tank
  • Operational capacity: The maximum quantity that can be used without encountering problems due to fluid overpressure
  • Useable capacity: The operational capacity, minus the unreachable part at the bottom of the tank.



Comparison of the Valeo ClimFill® air conditioning refill stations

The number of vehicles using HFO-1234yf continues to rise due to changes in regulations. All new passenger cars have been equipped to use this new fluid since the 1st of January 2017. By 2026, 68% of private vehicles will use HFO-1234yf. Now is the time to invest in one of these refill stations to break into this new market! Valeo’s offer of ClimFill® air conditioning refill stations is completed by a service offer ranging from the preparation for the aptitude test to the start-up of the station, training in use to the station and best air conditioning practices, plus a hotline available six days a week and an after-sales service that is always there to help you. Finally, Valeo has a complete stock of accessories and spares that prevent your refill stations from staying out of order for lengthy periods, directly impacting the revenue of your points of sale. Their availability is guaranteed for ten years after the date of manufacture of the Valeo ClimFill® refill station. Seize this opportunity to boost your sales by trusting the top aircon specialists. Opt for Valeo air conditioning refill stations!


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