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Hitting the road this summer? Here are 5 car checks to do before you leave.

Car checks
What’s more fun than the summer road trip? The open air, the sense of freedom and endless possibilities... Ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible by performing a few simple car checks before you leave. Here are the 5 key things to look at:


1. Brakes! Make sure you can stop when you need to.

Before you go anywhere, check that your brakes are functioning properly (this is best checked by your mechanic). Fully functioning brakes are even more essential when you are carrying more load like extra luggage and kids! 

A complete braking system check by your mechanic will include checks of your brake pads, brake fluid and brake discs. Brake checks are recommended at least every 15,000/20,000 kilometres, or immediately if your car is showing any sign of vibration or noise during braking. 


2. Filters! They protect you and your engine.  

Fuel, oil and air filters form your engine filtration system and are your first line of defence against mechanical breakdown. Fuel filters stop particles and water from damaging your engine, oil filters extract damaging particles, and air filters prevent particles from the outside air from entering your engine. Oil and air filters can also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All three are key to ensuring a smooth summer road trip. 


3. Air conditioner! Keep everyone cool on those long drives. 

Discovering your air conditioning isn’t functioning properly can turn a lovely summer drive into something much more unpleasant.  

And a fully-functioning air conditioning system means more than just being able to set your air conditioner at the right temperature. Having your air conditioner checked by a cooling specialist will ensure humidity can be controlled and that your air filters are preventing pollution and allergens from outside the car entering the cabin. 


4. Lights! Ensure you can see and be seen. 

An often-overlooked part of a car, the lighting system. Some of your car’s lights are essential to your safety – like headlights, brake lights and turning indicators – while internal lights help light up instrumentation, and might help you read a road map late at night! Have your mechanic thoroughly examine all of your light bulbs before you hit the road and ensure you can see, and be seen, on the road this summer.


5. Wipers! Protection from summer storms. 

A spot of summer rain can be lovely, but summer storms can also be violent and sudden. Make sure you have optimal visibility this summer by checking your wiper blades before you hit the road. And remember – wipers aren’t just for the rain, they’re essential for clearing grime and bugs from your windscreen.

Wipers that streak, smear, make noise or are damaged in any way should be replaced. And whether you want to replace with like-for-like, Original Equipment quality like Valeo Silencio™, a premium flat blade like Valeo HydroConnect™, or the affordable solution Valeo First, Valeo Service has a wiper blade solution for you. 

Finding the correct replacement model is easy – each Valeo Service wiper blade packet clearly lists the makes and models of vehicles it’s suitable for. Each package also features a QR code linked to an online tool to help make finding the right wiper blade as simple as possible.  

Valeo Service replacement wiper blades can be found at auto centres, at local garages and online.  


So, there you have it, the 5 key car checks to have done before you hit the road this summer. Complete these checks and you’re sure to have a wonderful stress-free trip. Bon voyage!