Valeo Lighting Bulbs 12v  Lighting Systems  for Passenger car

Lighting Bulbs 12v

Quality 12-volt light bulbs

As an expert in Original Equipment (O.E.) manufacturing and one of the worldwide leaders in automotive lighting systems, Valeo has more than 80 years of experience in conception and innovation. With this knowledge, Valeo is able to design and strictly control its bulb performance and provide solutions for any O.E. requirements.

Long-life bulbs

Valeo is continually working on ways to provide better car lighting and improve 12-volt light bulb performance. With its new range of bulbs, life duration is two times that of normal bulbs, meaning less replacements, lower costs, and reduced impact on the environment.

Stringent quality testing

All Valeo bulbs fulfil ECE R37 regulation requirements, which is the minimum quality level required in Europe. But in order to ensure the best possible performance, Valeo has improved its quality specifications to O.E. and O.E.S. level with additional tests such as:

  • lifespan test
  • over-voltage test
  • resistance to shock
  • colour maintenance
  • resistance to vibration
  • flux maintenance factor
  • outgassing of materials
  • resistance of connection tabs

Vibration protection

The tungsten filament in every Valeo bulb is reinforced in order to better resist vibration, thus improving lifespan. Each Valeo bulb is also tested for vibration protection.


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