Valeo Headlight Beam Setters Lighting Systems for Passenger car

Headlight Beam Setters

Valeo Régloscope™: the beam setting solution

Valeo Régloscope™ uses the latest technologies to make beam aiming control and correction as quick and easy as possible.

The Régloscope™ is either mounted on wheels or rails and aligned with the car thanks to a positioning laser. Sensors in the unit detect light intensity and help to centre the main beam through positioning indications provided on an LCD screen. Positioning the Régloscope™ is simple - a balanced weighting system allows operators to move the unit up and down without any effort.

Two different beam setting modes

The Adjustment mode helps an operator to complete the beam setting by displaying the different beam measures on an LCD screen. This includes the beam’s inclination, light intensity and dazzling. Operators can then correct headlamp settings accordingly.

The Control mode provides a full diagnosis of beam inclination, light intensity and dazzling, and delivers a report thanks to the mini printer in the Régloscope unit. This printed report can be handed to the car owner as proof the setting has been completed, while giving a clear indication of whether the vehicle would pass or fail a car service test.

The Régloscope™ settings allow garages to personalise the report header and enter specific car details.

The Régloscope™ is the perfect tool for workshops and car service providers: easy to position, simple and fast to use, for a complete, accurate headlight diagnosis.

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