Valeo Receiver Dryer  Air conditioning for Passenger car

Receiver Dryer

The air conditioning protector

The receiver drier is a component that protects all the other parts of the A/C loop. It is located between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet on the high pressure side of the circuit.

What does the receiver drier do?

The receiver drier has different roles:

  • To retain moisture and contaminants from the system
  • To finalise and secure fluid condensation
  • To compensate for fluid volume variations
  • To ensure oil return to the compressor

Valeo Tip

The receiver drier must be replaced whenever the circuit is opened, for example after an accident or when other parts of the circuit are replaced.

Receiver driers are fitted with plugs that must be removed as late as possible, that is, just before they are installed.

Replace the receiver drier approximately every 3 years. If the receiver drier is not replaced, the operation of the loop will deteriorate and there is a risk of a breakdown caused by a blocked expansion valve, impurities in the circuit, etc.

Also, regularly replacing the filter prevents serious failures and the costly replacement of other components in the air conditioning system.


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