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VALEO Alternator Voltage Regulator

Alternator Voltage Regulator

Learn more about the VALEO Alternator Voltage Regulator offer

At some point in its life an alternator may need repair. However, depending on the cause, it may sometimes be viable to replace individual components rather than the entire alternator. The voltage regulator is one such component, and on average costs less than 20% of a new alternator!


A fully charged car battery is essential if a vehicle is to function trouble-free. The voltage regulator controls the amount of power distributed from the alternator to the battery in order to control the charging process. It must also ensure that all power loads in the vehicle have sufficient energy to power the vehicle's electrical system. Without a voltage regulator, an alternator may put out up to 250 volts. This is enough to destroy the car's battery and electrical system. Due to the different power ratings of alternators and the different functions a voltage regulator must perform, there are lots of different types available. This is where Valeo is a market leader!


As the world's number 1 leading supplier in electrical systems, Valeo voltage regulators are designed and engineered using only the highest quality components and latest technology for lasting reliability and superior efficiency. All voltage regulators available for purchase are 100% new and are of an OE quality.

Valeo voltage regulators also give you the following benefits:

  • Direct replacement for perfect fit and easy installation
  • Designed with latest original equipment innovations
  • High output to weight ratio for increased durability
  • Engineered to produce maximum charge output while decreasing heat

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