Valeo Alternators Electrical Systems for Passenger car


What is an alternator?

The alternator is a crucial part of a car’s electrical system. The role of the alternator is to provide continual charge to the battery while the engine is running. This supply of power prevents the battery from discharge, while providing power to the car’s electrical devices.

Valeo: New & Standard Exchange Alternators

Valeo is an industry leader in both new Original Equipment (O.E.) alternators and Standard Exchange remanufactured alternators.

New Valeo alternators

Development of Valeo’s new alternators is driven by constant innovation and stringent testing criteria. Thanks to its strong O.E. presence, Valeo provides aftermarket alternators for the latest car models within a very short time of their commercial release. Currently, more than 900 part references are available.

Valeo Standard Exchange Alternators

Valeo has also developed a premium Standard Exchange program for alternators. The Standard Exchange is suitable for all makes of car, industrial vehicle, heavy duty vehicle and marine application. Valeo’s advanced understanding of O.E. specifications and remanufacturing expertise ensures a perfectly mastered assembly that includes all currently available technologies. With more than 1500 part references available, Valeo’s Standard Exchange alternator range is suitable for most car applications on the market, both European and Asian.

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