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LED Work lamps

LED lamp

LED work lamps allow perfect visibility, helping professionals perform, during several hours, difficult tasks in demanding conditions (during night time or in unlit areas, in narrow areas, on construction fields, etc.). They resist to extreme conditions (humidity, dirt, dust, heat, cold, etc.) and heavy shocks. Work lamps beam pattern is usually wider than long to allow perfect visibility on a short distance in order to perform close tasks. Among our product list :

  • Cube : small and square for perfect integration on small and compact working vehicles (compact excavators, asphalt compactors, etc.).
  • 1500 S LED work lamp for intermediary size vehicles (excavators, track loaders, crawler excavators, tractors, heavy-duty, etc.).
  • High power work lamps for bigger special duty vehicles (haulers, forestry equipment, soil compactors, etc.).