Valeo Evaporators  Air conditioning  for Passenger car


A key step in air conditioning

Evaporators play a crucial role in air conditioning. Outside air cools down as it passes through the fins of the evaporator and its heat is transferred to the refrigerant. The resultant cold air is then blown into the cabin at temperatures of between 2°C and 10°C.

More than just cool air

Air conditioning is often thought of as a means of cooling down the air, but one of its most important roles is to act as a dehumidifier. In cold weather, it is important to reduce the humidity levels in the cabin as just a few occupants will quickly produce mist on the car’s windows.

Moisture in the air moisture can be extracted effectively by the evaporator. The moisture in the air is collected by the evaporator fins, where it becomes water, and then this water is evacuated beneath the car.

Common evaporator problems

The most common problems with evaporators are:

  • Perforation due to corrosion
  • Fins blocked by soiling or frost
  • Leaks from the couplings

Valeo Tip

The evaporator must be replaced if it is clogged, pierced or contaminated with persistent mould. When replacing the evaporator, always replace the receiver drier and the expansion valve or orifice tube.

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